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mercredi 19 octobre 2016

5 signs proving that you were born and raised in #TUNISIA | Tunisia is all about #FOOD

1. Everything gets better with harissa.

You know harissa is not just a simple dish. It’s present in all your meals and you can’t start eating the main course without tasting the harissa first. For those who live abroad, every meal feels incomplete without the magic red potion; they’re still waiting for it when the food is served.

2. You know bread is the best cutlery.
There’s a saying: “Eating with a fork and knife is like making love through an intermediary.”
You can’t agree more with this. In fact, you know that food tastes better while eating it with your hands. That’s why you will always find a sink in any restaurant around Tunisia. You are definitely a foodie and you know how to enjoy your meals.

3. You eat tuna with almost everything.
“Sorry, waiter, there’s some tuna on my tuna.”
Tuna, and Tunisia sounds like a perfect match. It’s true that you have a strong connection with this dish. When there is no tuna on the table, you know something’s wrong. You are used to having tuna on pizza, pasta, salad, omelet, you name it. No wonder when you tend to be rated amongst the greatest tuna exporters in the whole world.

4. You’d do anything for lablabiin in the middle of the winter.
Hot tea? Cozy bed? No, thank you. Everybody knows the solution to warm up on a cold day is a big bowl of lablabi. But it’s not just the idea of eating this special meal, it’s an entire technique. Cutting the bread in tiny little pieces, waiting for the steaming pot, all these are a part of the warm-up process. And when you start eating from that hot bowl you know there’s nothing else to beat winter’s chill.

5. You love your food and you have the gift to make others fall for it too.

When you have guests, there is only one thing in your mind, they must eat a lot!
So you start to prepare traditional food which comes only in big-size portions. Suddenly, the word barcha (too much) is not available in your vocabulary anymore and you simply don’t understand when they keep saying that to you.

Spicy, tasteful, diverse, colorful.. You’re living to eat and not vice-versa.


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